On Thursday evening, March 12, our Pastors, Elder Leadership Team, and Administrative Leadership Team met to discuss the current coronavirus situation. This discussion is following weeks of prayer and conversation on the topic among our leaders, other pastors in town/around the nation, and doctors in our church family. We’ve also been closely following local and national developments as they are unfolding.

  • God is in control. None of this is taking Him by surprise. Jesus is a firm foundation for our trust and hope.
  • God has given us wisdom and placed smart people around us to help make difficult decisions in days like these.
  • We are not reacting to hype or hysteria, nor are we ignoring or dismissing the unfolding situation that surrounds us.
  • There is widespread agreement in the health and science community that “flattening the curve” of new cases will inhibit the spread of the virus and allow our health care system the opportunity to adequately support those affected.
  • The longer we wait to make difficult decisions, the less benefit we provide to our community in helping to stem the spread of the virus and alleviate the impact on our healthcare system.

Suspending church events is our best course of action at this point.

This is not a decision our team has taken lightly. We deeply value providing opportunities to worship together every Sunday. While it appears the odds of a young and healthy individual experiencing severe symptoms is low, limiting potential for the virus to spread is of paramount importance. We are a multigenerational church. Protecting the health and safety of our entire church family, considering the well-being of our extended community, and honoring the direction of our local and state leadership matters.

Our building will be closed to all ministry and community programming as we follow the guidance and recommendations of our government officials. This includes Sunday services, groups, student ministry, kids ministry events. Determinations related to our gradual reopening will be made as we are able.

Our ministry to our community continues to grow! Here are a few things we are currently doing:

Worship on Sunday:

  • Our weekend service is available for online viewing at 10:45 am on Sunday on our Facebook page and on our Youtube channel.
  • If desired, watch with a piece of bread and some juice and join us for communion at home.

Worship through the week:

  • Listen to worship songs on our Spotify playlist.
  • We post worship and devotional videos at points through the week to keep our perspective hopeful and focused on Christ.

Kids (Nursery-5th Grade):

Pastor Becky is sending encouragement and activities for parents and kids to do through the weeks.

Students (6th-12th Grade):

Pastor Chris is reaching out to connect with and encourage students through social media channels.


  • Our prayer team is actively praying for all requests that come into the church through our website, email, and phone.
  • Prayer partners are available to call anyone desiring prayer over the phone.


  • We’re delivering groceries in partnership with Sautter’s Market in Sylvania.
  • Other opportunities are always in development. Click here to get involved.

The church has always been called to share hope in troubled times. We understand and are sensitive to the physical challenges that surround us, and yet we also see many spiritual opportunities ahead. Please join us in praying that our ongoing ministry will make a meaningful difference in our community and will magnify Jesus Christ.