Five Lakes Kids Pastor

The Kids Pastor leads, inspires, equips, and empowers the Kids Ministry of Five Lakes Church (infant – 5th grade). This team member implements energetic programs and establishes effective organizational structures that create a foundation for kids to know Jesus Christ at a young age and to follow Him for their lifetimes.

Key Responsibilities

1. Recruit, equip, and inspire a dynamic team for energetic and effective ministry (in teaching, hosting, and behind-the-scenes roles). Be a leader of leaders.
2. Design fun, energetic environments from kids check-in through pick-up at all weekly worship services: ensure that we teach the Bible, encourage faith, and emphasize commitment, community, and compassion.
3. Plan and lead outreach and spiritual growth opportunities for kids and families throughout the year (e.g. summer program, camp/retreat, child dedications, baptisms).
4. Develop plans to accommodate childcare needs for significant church events throughout the year.
5. Create and maintain effective administrative systems aligned with the systems of the overall church (e.g. including team scheduling, attendance tracking, budget tracking, supply organization, etc.).
6. Consistently and effectively use the church’s communications tools to connect with team members, parents, and kids (e.g. social media, web, email, zoom, etc.).
7. Ensure all necessary cleaning, safety, and security protocols are maintained in all kids environments.
8. Serve as called with the pastoral staff in providing care and spiritual leadership to the overall church.

Key Qualifications

1. Devoted to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, grounded in Scripture and passionate about children, willing to become a member of Five Lakes Church.
2. Gifted and experienced in leading and inspiring teams, particularly in volunteer environments.
3. Ability to effectively communicate with both small and large groups, in person and in writing.
4. Fast-paced, hard-working, high capacity, a problem solver more than a problem identifier.
5. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in relevant experience.
6. At least three years’ experience serving and/or leading in kids ministry at a church with average attendance of 500+ (experience in a multi-site church is a plus).

Key Accountability Factors

The Kids Pastor reports directly to the Senior Pastor for coaching, vision and direction. The kids pastor reports secondarily to the executive pastor related to equipping, planning, and carrying out responsibilities.

Scope of Authority

1. All expenses within the annually-approved kids budget may be made at the sole discretion of the Kids Pastor (so long as they are aligned with Five Lakes Church policies).
2. Selecting curriculum and structuring the kids ministry for greatest effectiveness.
3. Providing leadership to any/all assigned staff members, equipping and empowering them for success.


This is a full-time position with all associated privileges, benefits, and responsibilities. The Kids Pastor will be available for all weekly services (expected to worship at one in the sanctuary), weekly staff meetings, planning and/or development retreats, and significant church events throughout the year.


Complete the application below and submit to our church office.