Join the 21 Day Challenge!

One of the habits we celebrate at Five Lakes is daily devotions, because we know that time spent reading the Bible and journaling will change your life!  This October join the 21 Day Devotion Challenge. We'll have weekly stickers to celebrate your milestones and a custom Five Lakes Church journal when you complete the challenge. Complete the challenge as a family and receive a bonus sticker!

**“Bible Cross-References Visualization, Chris Harrison”

Week One Begins October 10!

Welcome to the 21 Day Devotion Challenge. Knowing where to start can be the biggest challenge. We encourage you to follow the S.O.A.P method. The S.O.A.P method is a simple way to approach, understand, and apply the daily Bible readings to our lives.


Read the Bible verses indicated in your Daily Reading Plan for the date. Look for ONE verse that stands out. Write it in your journal.

In your own words record the context of the passage. Make an observation of what’s happening, who’s affected, and what’s taking place.

Personalize what you’ve read by asking yourself how it applies to your life right now. Write out how what God is showing you in this scripture can apply to you today.

Take a moment to consider what God has shown you today. Write out a short prayer in your journal concerning what you’ve learned.

This week's daily reading:

October 10- Nehemiah 4; Luke 23:26-43
October 11- Nehemiah 6; Ps. 146; Luke 24:36-53
October 12- Acts 1
October 13- Nehemiah 9; Acts 2:1-4, 40-47
October 14- Ps. 1; Acts 3
October 15- Malachi 1:11-14; Acts 4
October 16- Ps. 148; Malachi 3; Acts 5:12-16