Member Care

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Member Care   

Did you know our 10 Member Care Teams deeply love God’s people?
This is what we’ve been up to over the last year:

199 phone calls with a minimum of 124 texts made by the Hospital Team.
275 personal notes of encouragement, prayer, sympathy, and congratulation mailed by the Card Senders.
43 visits made by the Homebound Team reminding these people of the love of Jesus and their church.
99 meals made and delivered to our families by the Meal Team.
60 encouraging cards with gifts sent to our young people by the College & Military Team.
30 Holiday Bereavement Baskets delivered to those who lost a close loved one within the year.
2  ‘Issue Focus Ministries’ rendered by Restoring The Foundations freeing lives from bondage.
566 hours invested by the Stephen Ministry Team, 16 new care receivers served, and 9 new Stephen Ministers equipped with training.
580 prayers were submitted to the Prayer Team with 498 known answers, including 7 answers for employment and 3 houses sold.

Hidden in these numbers are countless miracles of hope and healing through our FLC Care Teams!

Have a care need or want to join the team?