Kids Resources | August 2020

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Enjoy using these resources in your home to lead your children down the road of faith. There are videos, fun activities, service project ideas and more. Our team is praying blessings over your family this month.

Ollie Videos – for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Bring Ollie into your home each week

Ollie Videos

Toddler Activity Page

Preschool Activity Page

Worship Notes For Kids

Download the Worship Notes Kids page for kids to use during the worship services and then discuss them as a family afterwards. Parents, you might want a copy for yourself.

Kids Worship Notes

Be a Blessing Monthly Activity: School Support

Supplies: Art Supplies, Paper, Markers, etc.

What to Do: School leaders are making tough decisions, teachers are needing to rework their teaching strategies, support staff are working hard to provide services to students and clean buildings according to new standards…it’s a lot! How can your family offer support to our schools? Take pictures and post them on social media and send them to and we will add them to our Five Lakes Kids Facebook Group.

Week 1 School Board Members

Week 2 Teachers

Week 3 Support Staff (Custodians, Secretaries, Lunchroom Staff, etc.)

Week 4 Principals, Counselors

Monthly Calendar

Have you been receiving our monthly calendars in your mail? If not, send an e-mail to and we will add you to our mailing list. These calendars offer simple yet effective family activities: prayer prompts, family fun, resources and more.

StoryTime with Pastor Becky

New episodes are added every Wednesday to the series playlist. Enjoy a great story and biblical teaching as well as the StoryTime Challenge.

Story Time with Pastor Becky Episodes

Parent Tips with Pastor Becky

New episodes of these short videos filled with great tips are posted every Thursday.

Parent Tips with Pastor Becky

Social Media

Join the Five Lakes Kids Facebook GROUP for updates, fun posts, resources and more. Please share and encourage others to join this group too.

Five Lakes Kids Facebook Group