Family Worship Resources for May 3

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Weekly worship is suddenly taking on a new look as families are watching Sunday services together from the comfort of their living room (or kitchen, or basement or other parts of the home). For many children, being part of our church service is a new experience. Here are some resources and suggested ways to involve your children so that this time is enriched and your family is able to move from viewing the service to entering into worship together.
To make the most of our time, we suggest singing the worship songs together as a family. The resources provided are to be used during the sermon to keep the kids engaged, so that parents are able to fully experience the teaching.
Resources for Toddlers and Preschoolers
1. Use crayons and a blank sheet of paper and have them draw a picture of a gift. In today’s sermon, you’ll hear about Jesus being sent as our gift, offering us freedom and a new life.
2. Give your child another sheet of paper, with the outline of a cross and encourage them to color this in, then help them cut it out and display this in your home as a reminder of Jesus, our leader.
3. Jesus is our leader – spend time playing Follow the Leader and then talk about how we can follow Jesus.
Resources for Elementary Kids
Simply print out one Worship Notes page per child and make sure they have crayons/colored pencils and a pen or pencil ready to use too. If you do not have a printer at home, you can have your child use a blank piece of paper and use the Worship Notes from a phone or computer as a guide for things they can do as they listen to the sermon and other parts of the service.
Having your child grab a coloring book and crayons to use during the sermon is a good way of helping them focus on the sermon. Having their hands busy enables their mind to engage in what they are hearing.
May 3 2020 Worship Notes Page